Dragonfly Plants specialise in specimens such as the varieties shown above.
• These include Bamboo (various varieties both Asian and south American bamboo).
• Ilex Crenata Kinmetsuge maxi bonsai trees which we can offer at a substantial saving to most of the companies on the web.
• Many maple varities from Acer Palmatum 'Little princess' a slow growing varity, through Acer Palmatum 'Autropurpureum' on to maple trees such as 4 metre container grown Acer Griseum, Acer Capillipes which are expensive varities but beautiful trees.
• Magnolia's - several varieties both evergreen and deciduous.
• Araucaria araucana, Monkey Puzzle up to 2 metres in height.
• Jubaea Chilensis probably the hardiest tree palm, a really slow growing variety so the larger specimens are not cheap, but well worth the investment - once again we are very competitive.
• We will make every attempt to source any specimen plant you are